Nova Mechanica SA supports the International and the local scientific/research and business community with its scientific & business consulting services. It is committed to the protection of the local and global Environment and the social welfare of the local region.
Nova Mechanica SA is a member of Tii Innovation Network adding extra value to the providing Technology Agency service making our clients more secure and strong for their choice with successful results.
Nova Mechanica SA through the pioneering Technology Agency Service link academic (research teams, Research Institutes) and industrial communities in order to supply innovation and technology demand of the market and reversibly obtain innovation and technology from the market. We are ready to undertake any technology matching project in several science fields and through our alliances and collaborations we can deliver accurate and efficient solutions.  We charge on demand a fee depending on the project, the industry and the research completion stage.  

  Through our services, we try efficiently to fulfil the needs of research institutions, as well as the needs of the Greek and International market, where different sized enterprises and public and private research institutions try to be positioned in the market, promoting their innovations in order to develop final products with special commercial values for Health, Energy, Environment, Information and Human race. 



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